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2010 Supplemental First Round Update

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2010 Supplemental First Round Update

Per reader request, here is an update on supplemental first round picks who have signed. As with the first rounders yesterday, the sample sizes are small and conclusions are dangerous to draw at this stage, but the information is provided for your convenience.

Mike Kvasnicka, 3B, Astros: Hitting .179/.276/.264 in 29 games for Tri-City in the New York-Penn League, 15 walks, 23 strikeouts in 106 at-bats. Splitting time between third base, catcher, and outfield, data set too small to draw conclusions at any position. I wonder if all the position switching could be impacting his hitting; it would be interesting to see a breakdown of how he's hitting when playing each position, but I don't have that data.

Aaron Sanchez, RHP, Blue Jays: Pitched in one game so far for GCL Jays, 1.2 innings, three hits, two runs, two strikeouts. Strikeouts are nice to see. At this point he's just getting used to pro ball.

Matt Lipka, SS, Braves: Hitting .333/.394/.411 in 22 games for the GCL Braves, eight steals in 10 attempts, eight walks, seven strikeouts in 90 at-bats. Impressive hitting so far, not much isolated power, but lots of speed and an even BB/K ratio. Error-prone on defense so far, eight miscues in 19 games.

Bryce Brentz, OF, Red Sox: Hitting .150/.224/.257 in 30 games in the New York-Penn League, 10 walks, 38 strikeouts in 113 at-bats. This is pretty ugly; serious problems with plate discipline and contact so far against professional pitching. Too early to panic...but some concern is warranted.

Taylor Lindsey, SS, Angels: Hitting .253/.269/.347 in 16 games for the AZL Angels, two walks, 15 strikeouts in 75 at-bats. I hate the BB/K ratio. He's stolen five bases in six attempts, which is good, but the bat looks pretty raw on paper at least. Has switched over to second base with decent results thus far.

Noah Syndergaard, RHP, Blue Jays: Four innings so far for the GCL Jays, four hits, one run, one walk, two strikeouts. 8.00 GO/AO ratio is interesting even in such a small sample size.

Ryan Bolden, OF, Angels: .145/.266/.218 in 16 games for the AZL Angels, six walks, 31 strikeouts in 55 at-bats. I know it is rookie ball and just 16 games. But....31 strikeouts in 55 at-bats? That's beyond ugly. Bolden clearly has a huge amount of work to do bringing his bat up to professional standards. Sort of takes raw tools to an extreme.

Asher Wojciechowski, RHP, Blue Jays: 12 innings for Auburn in the New York-Penn League, 11/4 K/BB, six hits, one run. Impressive performance in a small sample. He hasn't pitched since July 2nd but he's just been shut down to limit his innings after a large college workload, no injury involved.

Taijuan Walker, RHP, Mariners: Four innings for the AZL Mariners, one hit, two unearned runs, two walks, six strikeouts. Miniscule sample but nothing to complain about.

Mike Olt, 3B, Rangers: Hitting .288/.395/.490 in 28 games for Spokane in the Northwest League, 17 walks, 27 strikeouts in 104 at-bats. Quite solid numbers, though not spectacular. High walk rate, but strikeouts also high. Defense at third OK, error rate higher than ideal but sample is small.