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Discussion Question: Pitcher Injury Risk

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The Joel Zumaya situation got me thinking about the whole issue of pitcher injuries, "inverted Ws," etc. Personally, I don't know enough about pitching mechanics and biometrics to know if there is anything genuine in the whole "inverted W" concern. It seems plausable, but on the other hand I've seen many pitchers with "good" mechanics get hurt, but other pitchers with "poor" mechanics not get hurt. 

I suspect that the ability to repeat mechanics consistently may be more important than the actual mechanics themselves for a lot of pitchers. If your body is used to doing it a certain way and you have the muscle memory built up, trying to fiddle with that could actually increase risk, in theory anyway. Obviously workload, fatigue, and simple genetics also factor in to a great extent, and perhaps the exact mixture of risk is different for each pitcher.

So, be that as it may, here is the question for you. What pitchers, major league pitchers or minor league ones, strike you as having the highest risk for a serious injury? Caveat: you can't mention someone who has already had surgery or significant time off with an injury already.