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In doing this mock draft, I'm considering signability, projected budgets, and past drafting patterns for each team. The draft is still a month away and lots of things will change in the interim, so don't take this too seriously. It is meant as a way to get discussion going more than anything else at this point. Note that this is NOT a draft ranking list of how I rate the talent.

1) Washington Nationals: Bryce Harper, C, College of Southern Nevada.
     I'm a little concerned about the makeup issue, but not enough to override the fact that the kid is a monster player. The Nationals have had a year to prepare themselves for the sticker shock, so I don't expect money will stand in the way either.

2) Pittsburgh Pirates: Drew Pomeranz, LHP, University of Mississippi
    The Pirates don't have a great track record with "safe" college pitchers, but Pomeranz has more upside than most.

3) Baltimore Orioles: Karsten Whitson, RHP, Chipley HS (Florida)
     Whitson is usually ranked behind Jameson Taillon on draft lists. But the Orioles pulled a surprise with Matt Hobgood last year, and Whitson's stock continues to rise.

4) Kansas City Royals: Jameson Taillon, RHP, The Woodlands HS (Texas)
     The Royals prefer pitching, they prefer high school talent, and they aren't afraid of price tags.

5) Cleveland Indians: Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast University
     Has better stuff than the Jeremy Sowers/David Huff types, and he won't need long in the minors.

6) Arizona Diamondbacks: Anthony Ranaudo, RHP, Louisiana State
     I'll assume that he's healthy and that the DBacks are looking to add some pitching to all the hitters they drafted last year.

7) New York Mets: Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech
     The Mets are usually conservative in the draft, and I don't think that will change this year, so I have them opting for a nice safe polished college arm.

8) Houston Astros: Zach Cox, 3B, University of Arkansas
     Cox has the right mix of affordability and upside to attract the budget-conscious-but-no-longer-completely-insane- on-draft-day Astros.

9) San Diego Padres: Manny Machado, SS, Brito Private HS (Florida)
    The Padres paid for Tate last year, and if Machado actually falls this far, could they pass him up?

10) Oakland Athletics: Michael Choice, OF, University of Texas-Arlington
      This will look like an overdraft, but the Athletics pulled a similar move with Jemile Weeks a couple of years ago, and Choice's power/patience profile fits Oakland's model.

11) Toronto Blue Jays: Christian Colon, SS, Cal State Fullerton
     Good tools, good bat, good makeup. Main issue is possible bonus demands, but after last year's debacle the Jays may be looking for a different course from previous conservative drafting.

12) Cincinnati Reds: Yasmani Grandal, C, University of Miami-Florida
      The Reds need a catching prospect, and Grandal has a better shot at developing than Devin Mesoraco.

13) Chicago White Sox: Bryce Brentz, OF, Middle Tennessee State University
       The White Sox like tools and Brentz has those. He also has the college background they have preferred in recent early picks.

14) Milwaukee Brewers: Josh Sale, OF, Bishop Blanchett High School (Washington)
     The Brewers went with pitching last year, but Sale's bat could be difficult to pass up at this slot in the draft.

15) Texas Rangers: Brett Eibner, RHP, University of Arkansas
     The Rangers have financial restrictions, but Eibner should be reasonably affordable and offers the kind of athleticism the Rangers scouting staff looks for in a pitcher.

16) Chicago Cubs: Jesse Hahn, RHP, Virginia Tech
      There are some injury issue with Hahn but kidney stones are a temporary problem and the Cubs are known to take some risks in the first round.

17) Tampa Bay Rays: A.J. Cole, RHP, Oviedo High School, Florida
      Cole has a tremendous ceiling and would fit well with Tampa's development system for young pitchers.

18) Los Angeles Angels: Dylan Covey, RHP, Maranatha High School, California
      He is local, he is athletic, and has a high ceiling, a perfect Angels pick.

19) Houston Astros: Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State University
      Should be affordable, and won't need long in the minors.

20) Boston Red Sox: Austin Wilson, OF, Harvard Westlake High School, California
     Mega-tools with excellent makeup, which the Red Sox like. He also has a large price tag to buy him away from Stanford, but the Red Sox could afford that more than most clubs.

21) Minnesota Twins: Justin O'Conner, SS-C, Cowan High School, Indiana
      The Twins are another team drawn to tools and youth, and often march to their own drummer. I can see O'Conner as a logical pick, a few slots earlier than expected but fitting the profile of the organization.

22) Texas Rangers: Brandon Workman, RHP, University of Texas
      He's local, has a high ceiling, and should be signable, important consideration for the Rangers this year. An Eibner/Workman first round combo would help enrich the pitching in the system even further.

23) Florida Marlins: Yordy Cabrera, SS, Lakeland High School, Florida
      The Marlins like upside but have budget restrictions; as such, an older high school pick like Cabrera seems a good fit.

24) San Francisco Giants: Kaleb Cowart, RHP, Cook County HS, Georgia
      Someone with a great ceiling always drops, and in this mock it is Cowart. They went with a high school pitcher from Georgia last year (Zack Wheeler) and here's another one for their pitching development system.

25) St. Louis Cardinals: Nick Castellanos, 3B, Archbishop McCarthy HS, Florida
     Not a typical Cardinals pick, but his bat is strong and, while you're not supposed to draft for need, he could be a long term solution at third base.

26) Colorado Rockies: Kevin Gausman, RHP, Grandview High School, Colorado
      They went with a high school pitcher last year, and I think the home-state product would be too good to pass up at this slot.

27) Philadelphia Phillies: Chevez Clarke, OF, Marietta High School, Georgia
       He's ultra-toolsy but somewhat raw, a perfect Phillies pick.

28) Los Angeles Dodgers: Tyrell Jenkins, RHP, Henderson High School, Texas
      The Dodgers love tools and love high school pitching. They also have a budget to work with this year, but if Jenkins can be bought away from Baylor with reasonable money, he would fit perfectly here.

29) Los Angeles Angels: Sammy Solis, LHP, University of San Diego
      Multiple picks mean the Angels have to at least consider affordability. They've shown attraction to lefty starters and Solis shouldn't need a lot of time in the minors.

30) Los Angeles Angels: Griffin Murphy, LHP, Redlands Valley High School, California:
      Young California arm from the left side and projectable, like Tyler Skaggs last year this should be attractive to the Angels.

31) Tampa Bay Rays: Gary Brown, OF, Cal State Fullerton
      If they take someone like A.J. Cole at 17, Brown makes sense here as a signable guy with upside.

32) New York Yankees: Matt Harvey, RHP, University of North Carolina
       He's very difficult to project, given his high upside but erratic college performance. But if he falls this far he'd make sense for the Yankees, given their need and willingness to chase upside picks with some risk.

Supplemental round coming up tomorrow