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Morning Notes, February 16, 2010

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Morning Notes for February 16th, 2010

Morning Notes, February 16, 2010

***Going on blogtalkradio podcast at noon with Jeff Erickson for the Rotowire Fantasy Sports Hour; see the post below for a link.

***The "Get Off My Lawn" post yesterday generated good commentary and got noticed on some other baseball sites, notably The Hardball Times (which posted two different refutations) and Baseball Think Factory. Some follow-up points for clarification.

       **I wasn't saying that sabermetrics has "gone too far" or that the forward progress should end.. I was saying that, from my point of view anyway, we need better ways to integrate the new knowledge into the larger whole. I thought that was clear in the post, since I wrote that explicitly.

       **The image of Tom Anderson from Beavis and Butt-head, and the title of the post itself, were intended as ironic clues to my own awareness that perhaps I'm just getting old, or at least feeling that way.

       **Yes, I am suffering from some burnout. The book writing process takes a lot out of me, and I'm still in the recovery phase. I really could use some time off, but the exigencies of life, writing, research, and blogging prevent this.

**I'm still trying to put the Twins thing together that I mentioned last week but have run into a research roadblock. Hopefully it will resolve soon and I can get the piece up.

**Give me some more names for Prospect Retros and Not-A-Rookies that you are interested in. Please use the "search" function to make sure I haven't already covered a guy recently. I intend to review Denard Span soon.