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Guess the Prospect!

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We haven't done one of these in awhile, but it is a fun feature to do. The first person to correctly determine who this player is will get to select the next team I do after the New York Mets for the Top 20 lists and the book. I will be back late this evening to determine the winner of the contest.

I am a current major league player, a position player. I was originally an infielder but then moved to the outfield. I was drafted between the fifth and tenth rounds after 1995 but before 2000, out of high school. I am from a good baseball state but it is not from California or Florida. I showed good power in my first two minor league seasons, was ineffective in my third season, injured in my fourth season, then ineffective/mediocore in my fifth and sixth seasons. I had good tools, including power and speed, but just didn't put up the numbers. Then, in my seventh minor league season, I broke out with big success. I am a good example of a tools player who figured things out suddenly.

Who am I?