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We are taking the book to the printer this afternoon. Jeri did an incredible job with the editing, including working 21-hours straight without a break Sunday/Monday. She could have used another couple of days to edit it, but if we want to make the February 2nd shipping date it had to go out today. As a result there may be some typos that slip through, but Jeri worked her butt off to get this ready, and overall we are happy with how it looks. Some details that may interest you:

* The book has reports on 1,170 players, 53 more than last year.
* The book is 508 pages long.
* The 50/50 Prospect List will go out to everyone who has pre-ordered the book and provided a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS this weekend. 
* I will be posting some excerpts starting tomorrow.
* Printing is financed out of pre-orders, so keep those orders coming in folks!
* Thanks to everyone who has already ordered!