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I am completely buried with work right now and am kind of burned out, which is not a good combination. You don't need me burned out with the draft approaching, so I need to take Friday and maybe Saturday as off-days. I will still be around to monitor things, so don't run amuck, but I need to set up a discussion for you until I get my ducks in a row.

By the way, there is a VERY subtle non-baseball reference in that last sentence. I didn't actually write it that way conciously, but I see it now. Do you?

Anyway, here is the question.

Would you rather have Stephen Strasburg or Zack Greinke for the next ten years? My first answer was "Greinke", since he has already done something in the majors. But if Strasburg really IS "the best prospect of the draft era" as some sources are now calling him, shouldn't that make him the choice? Just how confident should we be in him?