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Mock Draft Scouting Director Assignments

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Here are the assignments for Mock Scouting Directors. Respond in the thread if you want a team. Once your name is listed shows up on the list, you should start a Mock Organization Diary and begin discussions about the draft plan for your club with other interested parties. Note that part of what you do should be to name a deputy to handle matters if you aren't around.

Arizona: goldenspikes24
Atlanta: nivarsity
Baltimore: fourfingerwoo
Boston: seabass
Chicago AL: The Big Hurt
Chicago NL: fanball
Cincinnati: nms
Cleveland: mrmoderate13
Colorado: threesixteen
Detroit: Demondeaconsbaseball
Florida: bucklin12
Houston:   byronlhsdrmr
Kansas City: Royalsretro
Los Angeles AL: redsoxfaithful
Los Angeles NL: thinkblue
Milwaukee: backtocali
Minnesota: Firebatm3
New York AL: TheHugeUnit
New York NL: theguda
Oakland: caincecum
Philadelphia: crawdaddy
Pittsburgh: jar75
St. Louis: unclebuck44
San Diego: pffrieberg
San Francisco: zeisenbe
Seattle: AndrewZStebbins
Tampa Bay: imperialism32
Texas:  Andy Seiler
Toronto:  Gojays7
Washington: variablesdont