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Curt Schilling

I was going to do a Prospect Retro on Curt Schilling, but it turns out I already did.

Normally my memory about those things is really good, but apparently I need to actually run the search engine on that now. . .we've done a lot of retros over the past few years.

Anyway, Curt is officially retired now. There has been some wondering about if he's Hall of Fame Caliber or not. 216-146, .597, 3.46 ERA with 127 ERA+, 3116 strikeouts. . .certainly people have gotten into the Hall with less. His Top 10 Sim Scores:

Kevin Brown
Bob Welch
Orel Hershiser
Freddie Fitzsimmons
John Smoltz
Milt Pappas
Don Drysdale
Dazzy Vance
Jim Perry
Catfish Hunter

Drysdale, Vance, and Hunter made it in, and Smoltz will be a candidate.

Black Ink Test: 42  (Average HOFer=40)
Gray Ink  Test:  205  (Average HOFer=185)
Hall of Fame Monitor  171  (Likely HOFer=100)
Hall of Fame Standards  46   (Average HOFer=50)

My guess is that he'll get in, but probably not on the first ballot. I don't have a problem with that.