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Some Evening Thoughts

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Summarizing some thoughts this evening.

A) It's apparent that no one really knows anything, so take ANY mock drafting you see anywhere with huge grains of salt. All kinds of rumors are flying, few of them substantiated. The Rays apparently have yet to decide in their pick, and what they decide will send ripples all the way down the first round, obviously. Scenarios are fun to play with, but unless you hear or read something that comes directly from a named source within an organization, be skeptical.

B) In my Fake Twins Shadow Draft, at 14 I want a hitter and I have narrowed it down to either Brett Lawrie (as a third baseman) or Zach Collier among high school hitters, and Brett Wallace as the best college hitter. At this point I am undecided about the exact ranking of the three...and it's possible that both Lawrie and Wallace will be gone at 14, leaving me with Collier by default. Collier is a toolsy sort, but I intend to pick polished college hitting at 27 and 31, before shifting to "best available player" after that. Yes, yes, I know, don't draft for need, but I am probably going to do it anyway.

Unless I change my mind...part of me is starting to drift towards some of the intriguing arms out there...

See how hard it is to decide? Now imagine you have millions of dollars and the future of the franchise (and your job) riding on these decisions. It's no wonder things are still in such flux in the real draft rooms.