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Thinking about Ross Detwiler

Missouri State lefty Ross Detwiler is an interesting pick...he could go anywhere from number two to number 12, depending on how things pan out with other players. The Royals have been rumored to have some interest should Porcello or Wieters prove too pricey. The Orioles at five, the Rockies at eight, and the D-backs at nine would also be logical options.

In a relatively thin year for college pitching, Detwiler has a lot to offer. His numbers for Missouri State are solid: he's just 4-5 due to poor support from his teammates, but he has a 2.22 ERA and a 110/38 K/BB in 89 innings, with just 64 hits allowed and a .198 average against. He doesn't do it with smoke and mirrors: his fastball can hit 95 MPH, although 89-93 is his usual range. He has a very good slider and a decent slower curveball, and his changeup is pretty good as well although he needs to use it more. Scouts like his intelligence and mound presence. With a plus lefty fastball, a plus slider, and two other usable pitches, his arsenal should hold up well in pro ball.

Detwiler has a few concerns that keep him behind David Price on the depth charts. He's tall at 6-4, but he's quite scrawny and thin and doesn't look like he should be durable. On the other hand, he hasn't had any major arm problems, he's a good athlete, and his arm is loose. His command occasionally wobbles a bit, but it's not a major concern for most.