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Monday Morning Notes

Some brief notes for Monday Morning.

**There are lots of good ideas in yesterday's suggestions thread. I will come up with a schedule and post it later today.

**Several readers have noticed that Indians prospect Jason Knapp and White Sox prospect Anthony Carter don't have comments in the 2011 Baseball Prospect Book, but both are listed in the index with grades, (Knapp a B, Carter a C). The absence of Knapp is particularly important, given that he's a very good prospect who could end up in the Top 50 next year if he has a healthy season. So, what happened to the comments? I don't know. I remember writing a comment for each player and grading them. The way my book writing system works, it is literally impossible for them to be listed with a grade in the index without a comment having been written for them. However, neither player is in the book, and I can't figure out how their comments disappeared. I will post the comments that were supposed to be in the book later today.