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JERI's Big, Dorky Question O' the Day

This time of year, everyone's all about 'who's going to be in the series?'. I want to go the opposite route:

Who is going to have the biggest decline this year?

NOTE: I don't mean whose record will be the worst. I mean which team will go from being good to bad in the biggest extreme.

Explain your answers. For example, did they lose their biggest hitter or best pitcher due to a trade or free agency?

Did they hire some major pinhead to be the base coach? (is that a job?)

You can't just say 'Team X will go down the most'. You have to have at least one 'because' statement.

Remember, I don't have any answer. My purpose is not to have answers, my purpose is to ask questions that will create strife and bickering whenever possible.

Have Fun.