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Padres Mock/Real Comparison

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San Diego PadresREAL DRAFT
1---18---Cesar Carillo, RHP, University of Miami-Florida
1S--35---Cesar Ramos, LHP, Long Beach State University
2---66---Chase Headley, 3B, University of Tennessee
2---76---Nick Hundley, C, University of Arizona
3---98---Josh Geer, RHP, Rice University
4---128---Mike Baxter, OF, Vanderbilt
5---158---Seth Johnston, SS, University of Texas
San Diego PadresMOCK DRAFT
1---18---Brian Bogusevic, LHP, Tulane (1--24--Astros)
1S--35---Jordan Danks, OF, Round Rock TX HS (19---White Sox)
2---66---Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, Hoover HS, Des Moines, IA (4--D-Rays)
2---76---Jeff Larish, 1B, Arizona State University (5--Tigers)
3---98---Matt Goyen, LHP, Georgia College (3--96--Marlins)
4---128---Jeremy Slayden, OF, Georgia Tech (8--Phillies)
5---158---Nick Stavinoha, OF, LSU (7--Cardinals)
COMMENT: The names were different, but the philosophies are somewhat similar. Both the real draft and the mock draft have a high-ceiling college pitcher with the first pick. Carillo was not available in the Mock Draft at that pick, having gone two slots earlier. The Mock Pads then take a chance with the unsignable Jordan Danks in the supplemental round, while the Real Pads continued the college pitching theme. I'm not a big fan of Ramos personally, but if Danks won't sign then I'd rather have Ramos of course. The Mock Pads then grabbed projectable high school pitcher Hellickson, who I like, but the Real Pads pick of on-base machine Chase Headley is less risky. After that, both teams turned to the college ranks. I like Hundley better than Larish, Goyen better than Geer, Slayden better than Baxter, and Johnston (who was not available in the Mock Draft at that slot) better than Stavinoha, so it's pretty much a wash. Overall, I think both classes are perfectly reasonable, but the Real Draft is slightly better overall given Danks' likely unsignability. If Danks WAS signable, then the Mock Draft is better.