Ranking the farm systems position by position: First Base

Let me start out by saying that this is maybe the weakest crop of 1B I have seen in a while. While I like Jonathan Singleton's future and think Alonso could be solid, it really goes downhill after that with Rizzo and Matt Adams. Graduating Hosmer, Freeman, and Belt last year is obviously a big part of why it seems so down this year.

Anthony Rizzo(B+)
Dan Vogelbach(B-)

This is purely on John's rankings. I'm personally a bit lower on each of these guys, but according to him this is the best combination of 1B prospects.

Jonathan Singleton(B+)
Telvin Nash(C+)
Kody Hinze(Other)

Singleton could be the top 1B prospect and Nash is a sleeper.

Yonder Alonso(B+)

Alonso is just behind Singleton for the top 1B prospect in the minors.

Matt Adams(B)
Jonathan Rodriguez(Other)

I like Adams but see him as more of a B- guy.

Chris Carter(C+)
Miles Head(C+)

I'd rank this duo ahead of the Cardinals because I'm more impressed with these guys potential as hitters than Adams. I haven't given up on Carter, who just needs a real opportunity.

CJ Cron(B-)
Frazier Hall(Other)

Cron didn't disappoint after being a high draft pick.

Vinnie Catricala(B-)
Dennis Raben(Other)

Catricala is a real sleeper but could produce. Raben has stalled a bit recently due to injury.

Chris Parmalee(B-)

I put the Twins ahead of the Braves because Parmalee has made it to the bigs while Terdoslavich hasn't hit the upper minors yet.

Joey Terdoslavich(B-)
Mauro Gomez(Other)

I like Joey Terdoslavich more than Parmalee, but he has to keep hitting in the upper minors first.

Chris Marrero(C+)
Tyler Moore(C)

Marrero has a ton of potential, although it doesn't seem like he will ever reach it. Moore isn't a bad prospect either.

Clint Robinson(C+)

I'd love to see Robinson get a shot, but with Butler and Hosmer in place I don't see how it will happen.

Alex Dickerson(C+)
Matt Curry(Other)
Matt Hague(Other)

Dickerson was a big college bat from the 2011 draft, while the other two seem more like career minor leaguers.

Aaron Westlake(C+)
Dean Green(Other)
Ryan Strieby(Other)

Westlake was a high choice in the last draft from Vanderbilt. Strieby has some power potential and could be a bench bat.

Ricky Oropesa(C+)
Brett Pill(Other)
Angel Villalona(Other)

Oropesa was another highly thought of draft choice last year. Pill has already reached the big leagues. Villalona was a former top prospect before being charged with murder in his home country.

Jesus Aguilar(C+)
Aguilar is a bit of a sleeper with pretty good power, but needs to keep producing at every level of the minors.

Neftali Soto(C+)
Donald Lutz(Other)
Soto is a kid that has some potential to be a slugger, although he does have some issues to work through first.

Mark Canha(C+)
Ryan Rieger(Other)
I'm not that high on Canha and Rieger, but had to put the "C+" grade here.

Hunter Morris(C)
Nick Ramirez(C)
A pair of college sluggers that I don't see reaching the bigs.

Joe Mahoney(C)
Tyler Townsend(Other)
Not really big on the chances of either of these guys.

20.Red Sox
Lars Anderson(Other)
I'd rank them at least three spots higher, but Anderson doesn't get a letter grade.

21.Blue Jays
David Cooper(Other)
Michael McDade(Other)
Another group I'd rank at least three spots higher as these guys are guys I believe in slightly more than Canha, the Brewers, and Mahoney.

Jeff Malm(Other)
Cameron Seitzer(Other)
Seitzer has some potential and Malm had a big year in short season ball.

Cody Overbeck(Other)
Matt Rizzotti(Other)
Darin Ruf(Other)
I don't really believe any of these guys will achieve anything in the bigs.

O'Koyea Dickson(Other)
I think Dickson is a bit of a sleeper, but put the Dodgers behind the Phillies for quantity.

25.White Sox
Andy Wilkins(Other)
Wilkins has an outside chance of having some success.

Ben Paulsen(Other)
I don't really believe in his chances of succeeding.

At least until Olt potentially moves there.




Note that Bobby Borchering will be in left field as of now, so he is no longer a 1B prospect.

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