Chicago White Sox: Untouchable prospects list Fans


Without precedent for a couple of years, the Chicago White Sox are purchasers heading into the offseason. With the yearly Winter Meetings not too far off, the White Sox will positively be hoping to make an exchange or two. Remembering the way that the White Sox are still amidst a modify, lets investigate the possibilities that won't be moving in the following month. Definitely zero chance of being exchanged Eloy Jimenez: The White Sox top possibility, Eloy Jimenez is the eventual fate of the White Sox. Jimenez is the #3 possibility in baseball, and is all normal to be a great Rookie of the Year competitor once he gets the call to the majors right on time next season. Michael Kopech: Kopech is the White Sox top pitching prospect, and is out for all of next season because of Tommy John Surgery. TJS or not, Kopech wouldn't be remembered for any exchange, given his high roof, and the commitment put towards the improvement of Kopech up to this point in the revamp. Dylan Cease: Like Kopech and Jimenez, Cease is important for the White Sox future center. Their 2018 Minor League Pitcher of the Year, Cease is falling off of a unimaginable season. While Cease isn't normal in the significant associations until late next season at the earliest, his true capacity is only excessively high for the White Sox to remember him for any exchange conversations.

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