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Minor League Ball MLB September Call-ups Thread

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Several players have already been announced as being added to MLB rosters as they expanded today

St Louis Cardinals Photo Day Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The calendar has officially turned from August to September which means that MLB rosters have expanded. The goal of this little wrinkle in the season is to allow teams to bring in extra help to get through the last month of the season and/or their respective playoff pushes as the end of the year by allowing the entirety of a team’s 40-man roster to play in the majors instead of just the 25-man active roster.

A large portion of the time, this usually just means reinstating guys from the disabled list, getting a bunch of fresh bullpen arms, and having a few more bats on the bench. However, that does not mean that there are not exciting and/or interesting prospects that do not get called up in September (especially those that had been added to the 40-man roster for Rule V protection but had yet to make their MLB debuts).

This season is no different in that regard as top prospects like the Cardinals’ Jack Flaherty, the Dodgers’ Alex Verdugo, and the IndiansFrancisco Mejia have already been announced as headed to the majors. Earlier this week, we previewed some of the prospects who we COULD see as September call-ups (I did not list Mejia as an option because I am not very smart), so now let us track who actually WILL get called up. Not all call-ups will be made on the first possible day, but comment with those who are getting called up to lets know along with why you do or don’t hate that.

Also, just some questions for you fine people:

  • Which September call-up is going to make the biggest impact this season?
  • Which player(s) should have been a September call-up and wasn’t?
  • Which team improved the most once they were able to expand their rosters?
  • And, for funsies, create the best line-up along with one SP and one RP amongst only players who are September call-ups.