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New York Yankees preliminary prospect grade breakdown

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This is a very deep system. . .

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees
Miguel Andujar
Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

I am working on the New York Yankees Top 20 prospects for 2018 list. Although the top players seem obvious there is an enormous amount of C+/B- type depth in this system including several players who could have higher grades once we get another year (or six months) of data.

The research list consists of 83 players. Currently the breakdown looks like this:

Grade A: One
Grade A-: Zero
Grade B+: Six
Grade B: Five
Grade B-: Six
Grade C+: 29
Grade C: A whole bunch

There is considerable play in the B-/C+ area so this should not be regarded as close to final. I still have a lot of information to review.

The original list of 82 players is linked here. Nick Green has been added.

I will try to have this done tomorrow but it may slip to Friday depending on the amount of digging needed and how bogged down I get trying to distinguish C+s from the B-s.