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2017 MLB Playoffs: Monday, October 9th discussion

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Our picks for today

MLB: ALDS-Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox
Hanley Ramirez
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone and welcome to Minor League Ball for Monday, October 9th.

I got caught up in family matters yesterday and did not get my daily post-season prediction post up in a timely manner. Please accept my apology. The last prediction post on Saturday projected that the Cubs would beat the Nationals 4-2 and the Diamondbacks would defeat the Dodgers 5-2.

The actual results were Nationals 6, Cubs 3, and Dodgers 8, Diamondbacks 5. Both predictions were wrong and this brings our post-season record this year to 6-4.

For today we have four games on the docket. The predictions:

****Houston Astros will beat Boston Red Sox 5-3.
****Washington Nationals will beat Chicago Cubs 6-3.
****Cleveland Indians will beat New York Yankees 8-5
****Los Angeles Dodgers will beat Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2.

What say you?

My other main goal today is to get more prospect retros for playoff starters done. Thanks for your patience as I catch up.