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Top 175 Prospects for 2016: Reviewing the outcomes, players 126-150

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Tyler Naquin
Tyler Naquin
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Our main current project is an updated Top 100 list for the end of the 2016 season.

The first step in the process is reviewing the pre-season Top 175 list.

Earlier we did spots one through 25.

Here's 26 through 50.

Here's 51 through 75.

Don't miss 76 through 100.

Avoid neglecting 101-125

Obviously we don't know how things will look three years from now, but we can at least come up with some preliminary assessments.

THIS IS THE 2016 PRE-SEASON LIST. It is the research starting point for the 2017 list

126) Beau Burrows, RHP, Detroit Tigers, Grade B: 97 innings over 20 starts in Low-A, 3.15 ERA with 67/30 K/BB; held his own but I'd like to see more dominance given reported quality of his stuff. Likely to hold at B.

127) Mike Soroka, RHP, Atlanta Braves, Grade B: 143 innings in Low-A, 3.02 ERA with 125/32 K/BB; very effective late in the season, scouting reports very positive. At least into the B+ range now.

128) Daz Cameron, OF, Houston Astros, Grade B: Struggled in Midwest League (.442 OPS), better after moving down to New York-Penn League (.770) until season ended in mid-July with broken finger; disappointing season but still has time at age 19.

129) Mallex Smith, OF, Atlanta Braves, Grade B: Hitting .241/.316/.382 in the majors with 14 steals, 17 walks, 43 strikeouts in 170 at-bats; ultimately I think he becomes a .270 hitter; graduated, too soon to know if the grade will fully verify.

130) Christin Stewart, OF, Detroit Tigers, Grade B: Hit .255/.386/.517 with 30 homers, 86 walks, 131 strikeouts in 443 at-bats between High-A and Double-A; have to like the power and patience, batting average may not hold up. Grade steady.

131) Colin Moran, 3B, Houston Astros, Grade B: Hit .259/.329/.368 in Triple-A; 10 homers; some word that he was more aggressive this year trying to hit for more power and strikeouts were up but overall production did not improve; defense has been solid but looks blocked here.

132) Tom Murphy, C, Colorado Rockies, Grade B: Impressive season in Triple-A, .327/.362/.647 with 19 homers, 16 walks, 78 strikeouts in 303 at-bats; 8-for-25 with four homers in the majors so far; glove is good-enough if he hits and the power is quite real.

133) Jake Thompson, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies, Grade B: Effective in Triple-A but has been hit hard in the majors (5.64 in 45 innings, 30/22 K/BB) although recent starts have gone well. Likely to exceed rookie limits so won't show up on '17 lists; I still expect him to be a good workhorse.

134) Pierce Johnson, RHP, Chicago Cubs, Grade B: Command failed in Triple-A resulting in 6.14 ERA in 63 innings; walked 43. He also stuck out 75 and pitched better after moving to bullpen in second half. Prediction: he turns out to be an above-average reliever.

135) Keury Mella, RHP, Cincinnati Reds, Grade B: Made 24 starts in High-A and one in Triple-A; posted 3.76 ERA with 101/57 K/BB in 139 innings, 153 hits; not a terrible year but not as good as I expected. Downgrade inevitable but how far will depend on exact reports that I have yet to study. In any event, I over-rated him here.

136) Trent Clark, OF, Milwaukee Brewers, Grade B: Hit .231/.346/.344 in Low-A and made two trips to disabled list; showed good approach but lacks power and didn't use his speed well, has time to improve at age 19.

137) Spencer Adams, RHP, Chicago White Sox, Grade B: Made 27 starts between High-A and Double-A at age 20, posted 3.98 ERA with 100/31 K/BB in 163 innings, 179 hits; throws strikes, durable, but doesn't dominate yet.

138) Derek Fisher, OF, Houston Astros, Grade B: Hit .255/.367/.448 between Double-A and Triple-A with 21 homers, 28 steals, 83 walks, 154 strikeouts; very impressive physical tools and power/speed combo but contact issues remain biggest concern. Stock stable.

139) Chance Sisco, C, Baltimore Orioles, Grade B: Hit .320/.406/.422 in Double-A, 61 walks, 88 strikeouts; blessed with tremendous feel for hitting but distance power remains so-so; still inconsistent on defense, stock stable.

140) Roman Quinn, OF, Philadelphia Phillies, Grade B: Keeps getting hurt but effective when healthy, hit .302/.372/.451 in 77 games between Double-A and injury rookie ball rehab, stole 36 bases and power is getting better, good glove too. I like him.

141) Amed Rosario, SS, New York Mets, Grade B: Excellent campaign in High-A and Double-A, hitting .324/.374/.459 with 19 steals at age 20 and can remain at shortstop; skills catching up with tools very nicely; stock way up, probably an A-.

142) Tyler Stephenson, C, Cincinnati Reds, Grade B: Season ruined by concussion and two trips to the DL with wrist injuries; hit .220/.287/.340 in 44 games between Low-A and rookie ball injury rehab; catching is hard, grading problematic considering the circumstances.

143) Clint Coulter, OF, Milwaukee Brewers, Grade B: Weird year, struggled in High-A (.220/.285/.333) but hit fairly well there last year so maybe he was discouraged at not moving up; promoted to Double-A in August and started hitting again (.387/.332/.442). Won't hold the Grade B but I haven't given up on him overall.

144) Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B, Pittsburgh Pirates, Grade B: Limited to 65 games in Low-A by injury, hit .263/.319/.393; very good with the glove, still just 19. I think he'll improve.

145) Rowdy Tellez, 1B, Toronto Blue Jays, Grade B: Mashed in Double-A at .297/.387/.530 with 23 homers, 63 walks, 92 strikeouts; critiqued by some for lack of pure bat speed but he's always hit and hit well; power output continues to increase. He's doing something right.

146) Tyler Naquin, OF, Cleveland Indians, Grade B-: Highly successful rookie season in the majors, hitting .302/.372/.539 with 14 homers, 31 walks, 104 strikeouts in 295 at-bats; more home run power than expected, also more strikeouts but trade-off worthwhile. Graduated.

147) Socrates Brito, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks, Grade B-: Hit .294/.332/.439 in Triple-A, .190/.200/.367 in 79 major league at-bats with one walk and 20 strikeouts; looks great in uniform but still learning how to use his tools at age 24.

148) Michael Kopech, RHP, Boston Red Sox, Grade B-: Made 12 starts between NY-P and Low-A, posting 2.08 ERA with 86/33 K/BB in 56 innings, just 29 hits; had a 32/4 K/BB during a run of three starts in mid-August; stock certainly up into B+ range at least.

149) Matt Chapman, 3B, Oakland Athletics, Grade B-: Hit .237/.328/.519 with 36 homers, 68 walks, 173 strikeouts in 514 at-bats between Double-A and Triple-A; Gold Glove quality defense with impressive power; you can make a B+ case despite the low average and whiffs.

150) Juan Hillman, LHP, Cleveland Indians, Grade B-: 63 innings in New York-Penn League with 4.43, 47/24 K/BB, 66 hits; less polish and success than expected but just 19 years old; detailed reports will be interesting, likely to hold at a Grade B-.