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Say hello to Clinton Riddle, new Minor League Ball staffer

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Greg Maddux
Greg Maddux
Stephen Green, Getty Images

My name is Clinton Riddle, and I am proud to be a new staffer here at John Sickels' Minor League Ball on SB Nation.

Over the past seven years, I have written for a number of websites and newspapers from various locations around the country. My passion is now and has always been the game of baseball, from the days of its infancy to the present age. I follow the minor leagues as closely as possible, and I tend to focus on potentially-overlooked "under the radar" prospects whose names may never show up in a list of top talents but could be (and often are) impact players in the Major Leagues.

I have never been a "casual" fan of baseball; from the beginning, I was hooked. For me, it was the 1989 National League Championship Series that sealed the deal. By then, I was watching every Cubs game I could find on satellite or cable; WGN introduced me to Harry Carey and Steve Stone, and Harry’s love for the Wrigley Faithful permeated every aspect of those broadcasts. It certainly didn’t hurt that I got to witness the career of Greg Maddux unfold, even if most of it happened to take place in Atlanta.

I am especially interested in the stories that aren’t often covered by the news agencies. Anyone can write about scores and stats, but what intrigues me are the behind-the-scene stories, the off-field news that shows the human side of the pro sports world.

Every athlete has a story. Some struggle mightily to make it to the top of their profession, making great sacrifices along the way. Others are third-generation professionals, with connections to their chosen field that are firmly rooted in the history of the game. Still others spend countless hours working for charitable causes for which they may never receive recognition. These stories deserve to be told, and I want to be that storyteller.

In addition to my writing experience, I also have more than 28 years behind the lens as a photographer. My background in health care gives me a firm understanding of the medical issues commonly faced by pro athletes, as well as their related prognoses and potential affect on that athlete’s play in the future.

Overall, it is my hope to remain as flexible and adaptable as possible in whatever role I may fill. I am proud to be associated with such a collection of writers as those with Minor League Ball, and I hope to become a valued and productive member of this team.