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Prospect Note: Tim Berry, LHP, Baltimore Orioles

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Tim Berry
Tim Berry
Kevin C. Cox

Baltimore Orioles pitching prospects have been in the news lately. Eduardo Rodriguez was traded to the Red Sox for Andrew Miller. Kevin Gausman is generally pitching well in the majors. Dylan Bundy is back from Tommy John surgery, although he hasn't returned to his previous form. Hunter Harvey is out with an elbow injury.

Although he hasn't received many headlines to this point, Tim Berry with the Bowie Baysox is also worthy of attention. With Rodriguez in Boston, Berry is now the top southpaw in the upper reaches of the system. Through 21 Eastern League starts, Berry has a 3.71 ERA, 4.26 FIP with a 98/41 K/BB in 121 innings with 115 hits allowed. This is not much different than 2013 when he posted a 3.85 ERA in 152 High-A innings for Frederick with a 119/40 K/BB and 156 hits allowed. The component rates are very similar, with a very slight increase in both strikeout and walk rates this year.

Scouting reports are similar, too: 89-94, averaging about 91. He has a very good curveball that eats up lefties, but his change-up is still a work in progress. Right-handed hitters get a good read on him and all 12 of the gophers he's surrendered this year have come from right-handers.

A high school Tommy John survivor, Berry has been very durable in pro ball despite a thin 6-3, 180 pound frame. He eats innings but could wind up in the bullpen if he can't do a better job without the platoon split on his side. The upside here is number four starter, the downside a LOOGY or Quadruple-A guy.

That said, even if Berry is just a reliever he has still come a long way: he was a 50th round draft pick back in '09. He's done enough this year to edge closer to a big league trial, which could come late this year or in 2015.

This video is a year old but gives the general idea of his approach: