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Thoughts on the 2014 Perfect Game All-American Classic

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My personal observations from watching the PG All-American Classic.

Perfect Game

The Perfect Game All-American game was earlier this week and I finally had a chance to sit down and watch it on my DVR. I missed the first part of the game but here is what I did see.

  • LHP Kolby Allard

Small lefty. 93-94 FB. Nasty 79-80 CB with big break he can throw for strikes. Delivery reminds me of Glavine. 16 yrs old. Can elevate heat. UCLA commit.

  • SS Brendan Rodgers

Good pop. Slick defender, will stick at SS.

  • RHP Mike Nikorak

Tall, overhand delivery. 91-94 FB with downhill plane. Can run it with sink. More movement in lower range. Has previously topped out at 97.74-77 CB with big 12-6 break.

  • CF Daz Cameron

Quick first step in CF.

  • RHP Beau Burrows

93-95 FB. Has topped out at 96 before. Hammer CB at 79-81 to each side, athletic frame with overhand slot. Good control

  • 2B Kody Clemens

Good range to his left. Laid out for one in 3.5 hole – quick to his feet with a solid throw to 1B. Stayed inside 89 FB and slapped through 5.5 hole.

  • RHP Tristin English

90-92 FB. Up to 95 previously. Good run at 92. CB at 75. SL at 84. Classic 4 pitch mix.

  • RHP Joe DeMers

92-95 FB. Slinger. 76-78 CB with 2-8 break. Quick from the stretch with more movement on FB and less control.

  • RHP Austin Smith

89-92 FB, can bump up to 94-96. Can show some run in lower velo. 84 CH, 77 SL , Loose arm, clean delivery.

  • RHP Kyle Molnar

92-93 FB with sink, 75-77 CB, 82-83 CH with excellent fade, loose arm. Missed glove side often.

  • SS Nick Shumpert

Good play in 5.5 hole. Strong arm, set up body well for throw, quick transfer to hand

  • RHP Triston McKenzie

89-92 FB. Gets on hitters quick and he can run it to the arm side. 76-78 CB with sharp break. 81-83 CH with good fade. Tall and wiry. CJ Edwards lookalike. Excellent extension. Vandy commit

  • RHP Drew Finley

90-91 FB. True hammer 74-75 curve and hides the ball well. Deceptive CH. Good command.

  • LHP Hogan Harris

Cross body delivery. 89-94 FB from windup, 87-92 from stretch. 69-70 CB. 77 CH. Not much control – 2 BB, 2WP and HBP all 3 with CB. CB could get loopy. Missed armside often with FB. Threw 37 pitches in 0.2 IP

  • C Mick Fordyce

Great feet behind plate. Made good play in front of plate on dribbler.