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2014 Baseball Prospect Book: Almost sold out

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The 2014 Baseball Prospect Book is shipping. The print run was short this year due to the circumstances of the late release, and as a result we are almost sold out.

As I write this, there are exactly 12 print copies left. If you want a print copy, you need to order it now. Once the print copies are gone, there won't be any more.

The .pdf will remain on sale forever, of course: we have all .pdf versions available going back to 2003. But if you want a print copy for 2014, act fast. Go to and place your order for the print copy or, if you like, the .pdf copy.

Remember, my name is misspelled on the spine:


Which will make it a valuable collectable! 

We appreciate every order and your patience with how late the print copy of the book was. The last nine months for the Sickels family has not been easy. It is remarkable how one health crisis can throw your entire professional, emotional, and financial life into complete chaos without warning. Your support enabled us to survive so far.