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Los Angeles Angels farm system preliminary grade breakdown

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Matt Shoemaker
Matt Shoemaker
Jeff Gross

Everyone knows the Los Angeles Angels farm system is thin. How thin? Very thin.

That said, it isn't completely empty and some of the Grade C guys are actually pretty interesting as role players go, or have some upside but are just too far away to get complete reads on yet. There is a distinct lack of impact talent, but the Angels have some plausible bullpen arms, a few potential regulars, and several potential role players. More details later Saturday when I have the final list done. Here is the early breakdown:

One Grade B
One Grade B-
Ten Grade C+
23 Grade C

There are a few grade Cs who may wind up with a C+ but the final list should be close to this.

I have to say that ranking a Top 20 with this organization is very difficult. There is not much to distinguish the various C guys from each other. There is also the problem of California League distortion with the Inland Empire players. But I'm working on it.