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Surprise! As a special Father's Day gift to John, I'm making a post today so he can actually have a day off.

Since today is Father's Day, I guess it's time to talk about something Dad related. First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and all of you thinking about your dad today.

Through the years of editing The Baseball Prospect Book, I have seen numerous prospects who are the sons of previous major leaguers. I always think about how daunting that would be, following in the footsteps of a famous athlete. When a son (or daughter) goes into the family business, it's usually private, and he can have all the learning curve he wants. When you are learning the ropes in front of television cameras and cheering (or booing) audiences, it's got to mess with your head, at least initially.

Do you have a favorite baseball father/son combo? A son because you were a fan of his dad's?

Is there a particular son you dislike because you were not a fan of his dad's?

And finally, this would be a particularly good time to share your favorite baseball experience with your dad, or with your kid.

After you do that, go spend time with someone you love.