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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Jeremy Martinez, C, Fountain Valley, CA

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Jeremy Martinez is a strong backstop with a good bat but it's a deep class of prep backstops. Where does he line up?

Jeremy Martinez, C, Fountain Valley, CA
High School Senior
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
HT/WT: 5'11"/195
Birthdate: 12/29/94 Age at Draft: 18.57

Jeremy Martinez Prospect Video, Mater Dei High School @J_Mart25 (via Steve Fiorindo)

Martinez is not an ordinary high school draft prospect. As a sophomore, he looked like he was elite and was well above his peers. He compared favorably with players that were two years older than him and that is rare in the prep ranks. Since then, Martinez has done nothing to diminish his skill set as an elite draft prospect. The problem is, many others have shown those skills now as well.

He has a strong, smooth powerful swing that is short to the ball but stays in the zone a long time. With that swing, he should hit for a high average at any level. As for the power, it should come. He will always hit a good amount of extra base hits but over-the-fence power will take time to develop. He has very good defensive abilities. He has good blocking skills, a strong accurate arm and a quick release. He should be at least average behind the dish as long as his lower half doesn't thicken up too fast. As a runner, he is well below average, which of course is not unusual for a catcher.

I like Martinez a lot but I don't know that he will go as high in the draft as previously expected. His bat is great but I don't know if his defense behind the plate will stay good enough for him to remain a full time catcher if he bulks up. He doesn't have the speed to play anywhere else besides catcher and his height doesn't fit first base well. I have some concerns and I think other teams will too. It just takes one to fully believe and take him high. He is very polished and could move quickly for a prep catcher, which is like saying a glacier is moving faster than most. He may not be in the top 3 prep back stops come draft day. That said, I doubt he reaches college at Southern California and I would think he goes in the back half of the first round.