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2012 Shadow Twins Draft: Final Summary with Bonuses

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Final 2012 Minnesota Twins Shadow Draft

Here is how my 2012 Minnesota Twins Shadow Draft turned out, with bonuses included. Bonuses were determined in the following manner: If the player's real life bonus was more than the slot value, I went with the real life bonus. If the slot value was greater than the real life bonus, I went with the slot value, except for Kevin Gausman (who would apparently have accepted the $6,000,000 that the Twins gave Byron Buxton in real life) and college seniors who have no leverage. None of my picks past the 10th round went beyond the $100,000 limit in those rounds.

I end up $243,000 below my draft allowance. So actually, even if I give Gausman full slot amount of $6,200,000 ($200,000 more than Buxton got), I would still come out right at budget. Alternatively, I could use some of that money to not screw over college seniors Austin Nola and Danny Poma so badly. In any event, my Shadow Draft had a similar goal to what the Real Twins did: adding power arms to the system.

However, I went with more high school guys than they did in real life. We'll see whose approach turns out better. I'm happy with this overall: I got my two favorite hard-throwing college pitchers with Gausman and Sanburn, and three of my favorite high school arms with Berrios, Brown, and Underwood, plus the intriguing Damion Carroll. I added some bats with power potential, a good defensive shortstop in Nola, and a strong leadoff type in McGruder. I also added three catchers I like with Maile, Rodriguez, and Lucas.

1) Kevin Gausman, RHP, Louisiana State University $6,000,000. (-200,000 below slot). My favorite college pitcher in the draft.
1S) J.O. Berrios, RHP, Papa Juan XXIII HS, Bayamon, Puerto Rico $1,550,000: Loved this real Twins pick.
1S) Mitchell Brown, RHP, Century HS, Rochester, Minnesota $1,270,000: Perhaps an emotional decision given his local ties, but I like cold-weather arms from the Midwest.
2) Duane Underwood, RHP, Pope HS, Marietta, Georgia $1,105,000 (+231,500 over slot): Erratic but a terrific ceiling.
2) Nolan Sanburn, RHP, University of Arkansas $712,600: High ceiling, and a fresh arm for a college guy.

3) Adam Brett Walker, OF, Jacksonville University $490,400: Risky, but lots of tools. I agree with Twins decision to pick him.
4) Christian Walker, 1B, University of South Carolina $356,700: Lacks tools, but a polished bat.
5) Austin Nola, SS, Louisiana State University $75,000 (-192,100 below slot): Great glove, great makeup, and there is a chance he can hit.

6) Damion Carroll, RHP, King George HS, King George, VA $200,000: Outstanding arm strength, very raw.
7) Wilfredo Rodriguez, C, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy $185,000 (+35,000 over slot): I like the Puerto Rico guys. Good potential on both sides of the ball.
8) Luke Maile, C, University of Kentucky $140,100: Power bat in college, chance to be a decent defender.
9) Jamodrick McGruder, 2B, Texas Tech University $130,800: Speed, OBP ability, great name.
10) Danny Poma, OF, Hofstra University $7,500 (-117,500 below slot): More tools than the average senior.

11) T.J. Oakes, RHP, University of Minnesota: Throws strikes, gets grounders, local.
12) Jeremy Lucas, C, Indiana State University: Defense took a step forward, and he can hit too.
13) Thomas Harlan, LHP, Fresno State University: Strike-thrower, tall and thin.
14) Ben Klimesh, RHP, Trinity University (TX): Throws hard, good Division III track record.
16) Ronnie Richardson, OF, University of Central Florida: Undersized, but draws walks, fast, some pop.

17) Blake Schwartz, RHP, Oklahoma City University: From Minnesota, good small college record.
18) Jeremy Schaffer, C, Tulane University: Scouts don't like him, but a great track record.
19) Jharel Cotton, RHP, East Carolina University: High strikeout guy, was throwing 98 in summer ball.
20) Jimmy Rider, SS, Kent State University: Scrappy, great organization player.

21) Mark Ginther, 3B, Oklahoma State University: Good tools, no performance, sleeper type.
22) Lance Breedlove, RHP, Purdue University: Solid organization pitcher with a chance to surprise.
24) Lucas Herbst, OF, Santa Clara University: Need someone to play the outfield.
25) Josh Smith, LHP, Wichita State University: Solid organization pitcher with a chance to surprise.
26) Mason McVay, LHP, Florida International University: Solid organization pitcher with a chance to surprise.

27) Goose Kallunki, 3B, Utah Valley State University: Best name ever.
28) Carson Goldsmith, RHP, Northwestern State University: Real Twins pick
30) Bryan Santy, C, University of Washington: Real Twins pick
33) Kaleb Merck, RHP, Texas Christian University: Real Twins pick
34) Bryan Haar, OF, University of San Diego: Real Twins pick