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Cleveland Indians Organization Discussion

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Cleveland Indians GM Chris Antonetti and coach Alex Eckelman
Cleveland Indians GM Chris Antonetti and coach Alex Eckelman

I am writing up the Houston Astros Top 20 list and should have it finished this afternoon. The next team in line is the Cleveland Indians, to be followed by the New York Mets, Oakland Athletics, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals.

Use this thread to discuss the Cleveland Indians farm system. Some points for community discussion:

**Looking over this organization initially, it looks quite thin. Do you think that is a fair assessment, or do you see any hidden depth?
**The Indians have been putting more effort into Latin America lately and three of their top prospects (Luigi Rodriguez, Ronny Rodriguez, and Dorssys Paulino) are products of that investment. They aren't close to the majors though. If you were running this organization (or any other organization for that matter), would you prefer to give a big bonus to one or two Latin American guys, or would you prefer to spread bonus money out in smaller amounts to a larger group of players?
**Drafting of late seems uninspired to me on the surface, although Francisco Lindor looks pretty good. Do you agree with that assessment? What would be your draft strategy in 2013?
**In the Indians prospect report for 2012, I wrote

Indians fans may be discouraged by the large number of C+ grades, but they shouldn't be. While some of those C+s are future role players or relievers, the younger members of the group are high-ceiling guys who are just too raw or far away to get a higher grade just yet, but who could blossom within the next year or two. I'm thinking particularly of Araujo, Sterling, and the group of hitters who were backing them up in the Arizona Rookie League. The 2013 and 2014 lists could see a lot of those guys bumped up into the B-range (or maybe even higher) if they develop properly.

How'd that pan out?

**As always, feel free to discuss sleepers that you like.