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Chicago Cubs Prospect List Update

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David Banks

I'm am frantically working on the Chicago Cubs prospect list and hope to have it finished tonight or tomorrow morning. I ran into some delays wife got pneumonia and both of my kids have been sick, too. Fortunately I have been spared the contagion, but I've been having to pull extra household and sick family member patrol duty this week in addition to my work.

In any event, I have got the Cubs list down to 41 players. Of those 41, 24 have been graded with the following results.

One Grade B+. This is a borderline grade and may get bumped up to A-.
Two Grade B
Five Grade B-
10 Grade C+
Six Grade C

Remember that I don't do these alphabetically. A through C have not been graded, H and M have not been graded.

Enjoy speculating!