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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Colin Moran, 1B/3B, North Carolina

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Sweet swinging lefty may end up at first baseman but could be a solid third baseman if his defense develops.

Colin Moran
Colin Moran

Colin Moran, 1B/3B, North Carolina
College Junior
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
HT/WT: 6’3"/180
Birthdate: 10/1/92 Age at Draft: 20.82

Colin Moran, 3b, Bourne Braves (UNC) (via pwardell06)

Moran had a strong sophomore year in 2012, hitting .365/.435/494 in 170 at-bats, leading North Carolina in batting average, SLG, and OBP. He is listed at 6-3, 209 pounds, a left-handed hitter and right-handed thrower. He's considered one of the best bats in the approaching 2013 draft, and a virtually certain first round pick barring a disastrous spring.

Moran has a lot going for him. He is a tall, lean player similar to his former #1 overall pick uncle, B.J. Surhoff. While Moran has played quite a bit of third base at North Carolina, I think his future is likely across the diamond at first. He may be able to grow into an average 3B with a lot of work and that will really improve his prospect status and overall value if he can actually achieve that. He has improved a ton since high school and if he can continue that, he could be a special player. He has the arm to make it work, he just needs to improve his footwork.

At the plate, he is quite the talent. When he is in the lineup of any team, they are better. He has a very good approach. He has a pretty swing and has above average power potential though I wouldn’t expect it early in his career. He is the type of player I could see hitting .300 in the majors. I don’t say that much. Only twice that I remember out of the draft, Dustin Ackley and Nick Castellanos.

The bat is good enough to be a starter anywhere he plays but it would be easier to project him at 3B. He is one of the safer picks in the draft and I would have a hard time seeing him not reach the majors and be a useful major leaguer. While the ceiling isn’t a future star, more of a solid regular, he I expect him to go off the board early. He won’t follow those footsteps of his uncle but a top 15 pick isn’t out of the question.