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2013 MLB Draft: Southeast Region

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The Southeast is where a lot of the draft's strength is. There are a lot of question marks on some of these guys but there is also star power.

1. Clint Frazier, OF, HS, 40/70: Ridiculous bat speed. Huge power potential. Will be streaky against better pitching.

2. Ryne Stanek, P, JR, 45/65: mid to upper 90's fastball with plus slider when on. Hasn't shown it much this spring.

3. Austin Meadows, OF, HS, 35/70: elite athelte. Power potential, not sold on hit tool.

4. Justin Williams, OF, HS, 30/70: Powerful, athletic, young. flaws in swing, throwing mechanics

5. Hunter Renfroe, OF, JR, 40/60: Huge power potential, big arm. Not sure if performance is real or fluke.

6. Josh Hart, OF, HS, 40/55: Top of the lineup hitter, good defense. Could be a star if he can stick in CF.

7. Bobby Wahl, P, JR, 45/55: power stuff, maybe a reliever

8. Daniel Palka, OF, JR, 35/55: Better than most think. Good hitter. Good defender.

9. Philip Ervin, OF, JR, 40/55: Fast bat. Good power/speed combo. No projection.

10. Kyle Serrano, P, HS, 35/55: Low 90's with a plus breaking ball. Can hit 95. Coming on fast

11. Kevin Ziomek, P, JR, 35/50: three pitch mix. Flashes plus change and curve. Inconsitent. Mechanical issues say bullpen.

12. Tim Anderson, SS, J1, 35/55: has a ton of tools, looks the part and could stick at short. athletic and has some pop

13. Travis Demeritte, 3B, HS, 35/55: I'd try him at SS, just to see if it works.

14. Garrett Williams, P, HS, 35/55: good athelte. Can sit 92 with solid breaking ball.

15. Ryan Eades, P, JR, 40/50: Underwhelming. Middle to back of rotation potential.

16. Zane Evans, P, JR, 35/55: Raw power, good arm, good defensively.

17. Ivan Wilson, OF, HS, 30/55: Looks the part. Arm and speed to be plus in RF. Big power potential. RAW

18. Cody Reed, LHP, J1, 35/50: easy low 90's fastball. Atheltic. Good potential.

19. Terry McClure, OF, HS, 30/55: great athelte. Toolsy CF. Bat needs work but special potential

20. Colby Suggs, P, JR, 40/50: Big arm up to mid 90's. Hard breaking ball. Command is iffy. Has work to do in por ball

21. Stephen Wrenn, OF, HS, 30/50: Really fast. Not sure how much the bat plays.

22. Conrad Gregor, 1B, JR, 40/50: I want to like him more than I do. Lacks power. Nice swing, professional hitter. Good defender. Good athlete.

23. Mike Mayers, P, JR, 35/50: Solid fastball in the low 90's. Good breaking ball.

24. Stuart Turner, C, JR, 35/50: Can really hit. Average defender.

25. Jordan Sheffield, P, HS, 25/60: T.J. surgery makes him likely to be at Vandy. Up to 98 with great curveball may make someone give him a chance though.

26. Cole Stapler, P, HS, 30/50: up to 92 with nice breaking ball. Big power at the plate.

27. Kevin Davis, P, HS, 30/50: Arm strength. Up to 94. Not the best secondary's but I think they will improve.

28. Keegan Thompson, P, HS, 35/50: Two potential plus pitches. Average change. Athletic

29. Tony Rizzotti, P, JR, 35/50: Big guy. Low 90's with more on occasion. Mediocre secondary's. Injury history.

30. Robert Tyler, P, HS, 30/50: Solid average fastball. Long arm action restricts breaking ball. Tons of potential though.

31. Mason Katz, 1B, , 35/50: Power hitter. Maybe a LF.

32. Anfernee Grier, OF, HS, 30/50: really good athlete. All the tools. Too much swing and miss. Very young for his draft class.

33. Anthony Sherlag, C, HS, 35/50: I really like his bat. Fringy defense.

34. Brandon Thomas, OF, SR, 40/45: great athelte. Good hitter but kind of an enigma. Minimal power.

35. Buck Farmer, P, SR, 40/45: Low 90's fastball with usable secondaries. Back end of rotation guy.

36. Sam Moll, P, JR, 35/50: up to 94. power slider is good pitch

37. Jared Brasher, P, HS, 30/50: Has two potential plus pitches in his breaking ball and FB that touches 94

38. Tyler Ross, C, JR, 40/45: Good power bat.

39. Dustin Fowler, OF, , 35/50: Love the sweet LH swing.

40. Keenan Innis, OF, HS, 30/50: Really good all around athlete. Solid bat.

41. Barrett Astin, P, JR, 35/45: Can pitch. 90 FB. No out pitch

42. Trevor Clifton, P, HS, 25/55: Low 90's. Nice breaking ball. Really good change. Could be special with refinement.

43. Will Crowe, P, HS, 30/50: Low 90's with a potential plus breaking ball. Big guy.

44. Colin Bray, OF, J1, 30/50: has all the tools. Just needs to improve them, make better contact. Plus in cf

45. Connor Jones, P, HS, 35/50: The other Connor Jones. increased velo. Good looking LHP.

46. Dominic Ficociello, 2B, JR, 35/50: Confusing. Has looked worse each year the last three years. Potential.

47. DeAndre Smelter, P, JR, 25/50: Athlete but has had very little game action to improve. Raw. Potential.

48. Jacoby Jones, OF, JR, 35/45: Just can't hit. Doesn't even try sometimes. Frustrating athlete.

49. Jacob Heyward, OF, HS, 25/45: Good power potential. Solid athlete. Jason's brother

50. Kyle Carter, OF, J1, 25/50: Potential on the mound and at the plate.

51. Reid Humphreys, SS, HS, 25/45: brother of Nats tyler moore. Interesting tools

52. Tony Kemp, 2B, JR, 40/45: short guy with professional approach. Could be useful utiliy guy. Can play CF and 2B well.

53. Ryan Tella, OF, JR, 40/45: good cf, solid across the board. Plus 4th OF type. Tweener.

54. Adam Frazier, SS, JR, 35/45: Probabaly a 3B or utility player. Can hit but not much power.

55. Dalton Dulin, 2B, HS, 30/45: nice swing from both sides. 2B/Util profile. Quick. Player more than tools

56. Carlos Williams, OF, HS, 30/45: Swing needs work but expletive fast

57. Jordan Howard, P, HS, 30/45: Big righty up to 92.

58. Evan Smith, P, , 25/50: up to 93, plus cb, shoulder concern

59. Ed Voyles, P, HS, 30/45: Extremely tall and can hit 91

60. Jim Voyles, P, HS, 30/45: Extremely tall and can hit 91

61. Wesley Jones, 3B, HS, 30/50: Good athelte and tools but bat is a question

62. Trey Griffin, OF, J3, 30/50: Favorite since HS. Not giving up on him yet.

63. Silento Sayles, OF, HS, 25/50: fast, set steals record. Not a burner though. 6.6 speed. Level swing, very raw with minimal power. Not weak though.

64. Aubrey McCarty, 1B, HS, 25/50: Long levers, long swing. Will need to shorten up to be effective at the plate. 1B only.

65. Kyle Wren, OF, JR, 40/45:

66. Nick Rumbelow, P, JR, 30/45: reliever up to 94

67. Will Craig, P, HS, 25/45: thick build. FB at 90 could go higher

68. Austin Sexton, P, HS, 25/45: torn acl, college guy, DES

69. Kyle Farmer, SS, SR, 30/45:

70. Hunter Brothers, P, J1, 30/45:

71. Matt Grimes, P, JR, 30/45: Nice three pitch mix when on. Up to 94. Out with TJ last octover

72. Myles Smith, P, J3, 25/50: 96 fastball
73. C.K. IRBY, P, JR, 30/45:
74. Mike Yastrzemski, OF, SR, 35/45:
4th OF
75. Zachary Godley, P, SR, 25/40:
76. T.J. Pecoraro, P, JR, 40/45:
77. Kurt McCune, P, JR, 30/45: Low 90's fastball ath is best with a fringy breaking ball
78. Jordan Hankins, 2B, JR, 30/40:
79. Mott Hyde, SS, JR, 35/40:
80. Conor Costello, OF, SO, 25/40:
81. Philip Pfeifer, P, SO, 35/45:
82. Drake Roberts, 2B, SO, 25/40:
83. Nathan Foriest, P, J1, 20/45:
84. Case Nixon, C, JR, 25/40:
85. Spencer Navin, C, JR, 25/40:
86. Angel Rosa, SS, JR, 25/45:
87. Randy LeBlanc, P, JR, 35/45: Hasn't been himself since TJ. Was low 90's with plus change.
88. Heath Quinn, OF, HS, 25/40:
89. Jordan Patterson, OF, JR, 30/40:

Name POS Pos. #2 Level Bats Throws Height Weight
Clint Frazier OF 3B HS Right Right 6'1" 190
Ryne Stanek P JR Right Right 6'4" 180
Austin Meadows OF LHP HS Left Left 6'3" 200
Justin Williams OF 3B HS L R 6'2" 215
Hunter Renfroe OF P JR Right Right 6'2" 200
Josh Hart OF HS L L 6'2" 180
Bobby Wahl P JR Right Right 6'4" 195
Daniel Palka OF JR Left Left 6'2" 220
Philip Ervin OF JR Right Right 5'11" 190
Kyle Serrano P HS R R 6'1" 185
Kevin Ziomek P JR Right Left 6'3" 190
Tim Anderson SS OF J1 R R 6'1" 180
Travis Demeritte 3B RHP HS R R 6'1" 185
Garrett Williams P 1B HS L L 6'2" 195
Ryan Eades P JR Right Right 6'3" 205
Zane Evans P C JR Right Right 6'2" 210
Ivan Wilson OF HS Right Right 6'3" 220
Cody Reed LHP 1B J1 Both Left 6'3" 215
Terry McClure OF HS R R 6'2" 185
Colby Suggs P JR R Right 5'11" 230
Stephen Wrenn OF RHP HS R R 6'2" 175
Conrad Gregor 1B JR Left Right 6'3" 225
Mike Mayers P JR Right Right 6'3" 185
Stuart Turner C JR Right Right 6'2" 220
Jordan Sheffield P SS HS R R 6'1" 180
Cole Stapler P 3B HS Right Right 6'4" 220
Kevin Davis P HS R R 6'1" 185
Keegan Thompson P SS HS R R 6'2" 175
Tony Rizzotti P JR Right Right 6'5" 225
Robert Tyler P OF HS L R 6'1" 185
Mason Katz 1B
Anfernee Grier OF RHP HS R R 5'11" 180
Anthony Sherlag C 1B HS R R 6'3" 210
Brandon Thomas OF SR Both Right 6'3" 205
Buck Farmer P SR Left Right 6'4" 220
Sam Moll P JR L L 5'11" 180
Jared Brasher P HS R R 6' 200
Tyler Ross C JR Right Right 6'3" 225
Dustin Fowler OF Left Left 6'1" 170
Keenan Innis OF RHP HS L R 6' 180
Barrett Astin P JR Right Right 6'1" 190
Trevor Clifton P OF HS R R 6'4" 185
Will Crowe P 3B HS R R 6'3" 235
Colin Bray OF P J1 R L 6'4" 200
Connor Jones P HS R L 6'2" 190
Dominic Ficociello 2B 3B JR Both Right 6'3" 175
DeAndre Smelter P OF JR Right Right 6'3" 225
Jacoby Jones OF 2B JR Right Right 6'3" 190
Jacob Heyward OF 3B HS R R 6' 182
Kyle Carter OF LHP J1 Left Left 6' 175
Reid Humphreys SS RHP HS R R 6'1" 190
Tony Kemp 2B OF JR Left Right 5'6" 160
Ryan Tella OF JR Left Left 5'11" 170
Adam Frazier SS JR Left Left 5'11" 175
Dalton Dulin 2B SS HS Both R 5'9" 165
Carlos Williams OF HS R R 5'10" 185
Jordan Howard P 1B HS R R 6'2" 220
Evan Smith P R L 6'5" 190
Ed Voyles P HS R R 6'7" 190
Jim Voyles P HS Right Right 6'7" 185
Wesley Jones 3B RHP HS R R 6'2" 175
Trey Griffin OF J3 Right Right 6'4" 205
Silento Sayles OF SS HS Right Right 5'9" 175
Aubrey McCarty 1B P HS Both B 6'3" 205
Kyle Wren OF JR Left Left 6' 165
Nick Rumbelow P JR Right Right 6'1" 190
Will Craig P 1B HS R R 6'3" 225
Austin Sexton P 3B HS R R 6'2" 165
Kyle Farmer SS SR Right Right 6'1" 191
Hunter Brothers P J1 R R 6'1" 200
Matt Grimes P JR Right Right 6'5" 185
Myles Smith P J3 Right Right 6'1" 175
C.K. IRBY P JR Right Right 6'1" 195
Mike Yastrzemski OF SR Left Left 5'11" 185
Zachary Godley P SR Right Right 6'3" 219
T.J. Pecoraro P JR Right Right 5'11" 170
Kurt McCune P JR Left Right 6'3" 170
Jordan Hankins 2B JR Left Right 5'11" 195
Mott Hyde SS JR Right Right 6' 175
Conor Costello OF SO Right Right 6'3" 175
Philip Pfeifer P SO Left Left 6' 190
Drake Roberts 2B SO Right Right 5'8" 155
Nathan Foriest P J1 R L 6'2" 190
Case Nixon C JR Right Right 6'2" 185
Spencer Navin C JR Right Right 6'1" 190
Angel Rosa SS JR Right Right 6'1" 192
Randy LeBlanc P JR Right Right 6'4" 185
Heath Quinn OF HS Right Right 6'2" 185
Jordan Patterson OF P JR Left Left 6'4" 200

Name Birthday LG State College Commit
Clint Frazier 9/6/1994 HS Georgia Georgia
Ryne Stanek 7/26/1991 College Arkansas Arkansas
Austin Meadows 5/3/1995 HS Georgia Clemson
Justin Williams 8/20/1995 HS Louisiana Louisiana State
Hunter Renfroe 1/28/1992 College Mississippi Mississippi State
Josh Hart 10/2/1994 HS Georgia Georgia Tech
Bobby Wahl 3/21/1992 College Mississippi Mississippi
Daniel Palka 10/28/1991 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Philip Ervin 7/17/1992 College Alabama Samford
Kyle Serrano 7/6/1995 HS Tennessee Tennessee
Kevin Ziomek 3/21/1992 College Tennessee Vanderbilt
Tim Anderson College Mississippi East Central
Travis Demeritte 9/30/1994 HS Georgia South Carolina
Garrett Williams 9/15/1994 HS Louisiana Oklahoma State
Ryan Eades 12/15/1991 College Louisiana Louisiana State
Zane Evans 11/29/1991 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Ivan Wilson 5/26/1995 HS Louisiana
Cody Reed College Alabama Northwest Mississippi
Terry McClure 9/29/1995 HS Georgia Georgia Tech
Colby Suggs 10/25/1991 College Arkansas Arkansas
Stephen Wrenn 10/7/1994 HS Georgia Georgia
Conrad Gregor 2/27/1992 College Tennessee Vanderbilt
Mike Mayers 12/6/1991 College Mississippi Mississippi
Stuart Turner 12/27/1991 College Mississippi Mississippi
Jordan Sheffield 6/1/1995 HS Tennessee Vanderbilt
Cole Stapler 12/22/1994 HS Louisiana Nicholls State
Kevin Davis 11/24/1994 HS Alabama Auburn
Keegan Thompson 3/13/1995 HS Alabama Auburn
Tony Rizzotti 4/21/1992 College Louisiana Tulane
Robert Tyler 6/18/1995 HS Georgia Georgia
Mason Katz Louisiana Louisiana State
Anfernee Grier 10/13/1995 HS Alabama Auburn
Anthony Sherlag 11/17/1994 HS Georgia Wake Forest
Brandon Thomas 2/7/1991 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Buck Farmer 2/20/1991 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Sam Moll 1/3/1992 College Tennessee Memphis
Jared Brasher 1/3/1995 HS Alabama Samford
Tyler Ross 1/17/1992 College Louisiana Louisiana State
Dustin Fowler HS Georgia Southern Georgia
Keenan Innis 8/3/1994 HS Georgia Georgia Tech
Barrett Astin 10/22/1991 College Arkansas Arkansas
Trevor Clifton 5/11/1995 HS Tennessee Kentucky
Will Crowe 9/9/1994 HS Tennessee South Carolina
Colin Bray HS Alabama Faulkner State
Connor Jones 11/17/1994 HS Georgia Georgia
Dominic Ficociello 4/10/1992 College Arkansas Arkansas
DeAndre Smelter 12/3/1991 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Jacoby Jones 5/10/1992 College Louisiana Louisiana State
Jacob Heyward 8/1/1995 HS Georgia Miami
Kyle Carter 1/5/1994 College Georgia Miami-Dade
Reid Humphreys HS Mississippi Mississippi State
Tony Kemp 10/31/1991 College Tennessee Vanderbilt
Ryan Tella 5/18/1991 College Alabama Auburn
Adam Frazier 12/14/1991 College Mississippi Mississippi State
Dalton Dulin 5/9/1994 HS Tennessee Mississippi
Carlos Williams 10/24/1994 HS Tennessee Mississippi
Jordan Howard 1/5/1995 HS Georgia Georgia Southern
Evan Smith Alabama Faulkner State CC
Ed Voyles 3/20/1995 HS Georgia Florida State
Jim Voyles 3/20/1995 HS Georgia Florida State
Wesley Jones 8/12/1995 HS Georgia Georgia
Trey Griffin 11/20/1991 College Tennessee Tennessee Wesleyan
Silento Sayles 8/28/1995 HS Mississippi Chipola
Aubrey McCarty 1/24/1995 HS Georgia Vanderbilt
Kyle Wren 4/22/1991 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Nick Rumbelow 9/6/1991 College Louisiana Louisiana State
Will Craig 11/16/1994 HS Tennessee Wake Forest
Austin Sexton 7/17/1994 HS Alabama Mississippi State
Kyle Farmer 8/17/1990 College Georgia Georgia
Hunter Brothers 12/20/1991 HS Tennesee Lipscomb
Matt Grimes 9/4/1991 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Myles Smith 3/23/1992 College Tennessee Lee
C.K. IRBY 5/6/1992 College Alabama Samford
Mike Yastrzemski 8/23/1990 College Tennessee Vanderbilt
Zachary Godley 4/21/1990 College Tennessee Tennessee
T.J. Pecoraro 11/22/1992 College Tennessee Vanderbilt
Kurt McCune 12/3/1991 College Louisiana Louisiana State
Jordan Hankins 2/18/1992 College Tennessee Austin Peay State
Mott Hyde 3/10/1992 College Georgia Georgia Tech
Conor Costello 11/4/1992 College Arkansas Navarro
Philip Pfeifer 7/15/1992 College Tennessee Vanderbilt
Drake Roberts 1/6/1992 College Arkansas Navarro
Nathan Foriest 7/23/1992 UNL Tennesee Middle Tennessee State
Case Nixon 4/16/1991 College Alabama Alabama
Spencer Navin 8/11/1992 College Tennessee Vanderbilt
Angel Rosa College Mississippi Alcorn State
Randy LeBlanc 3/7/1992 College Louisiana Tulane
Heath Quinn 6/7/1995 HS Alabama Samford
Jordan Patterson College Alabama South Alabama