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Baltimore Orioles Preliminary Prospect List

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Greg Fiume

Here is the working list for the Baltimore Orioles Top 20 report for 2013. These guys pass scouting and/or sabermetric muster for possible inclusion. There are 39 names here, including Steve Johnson, whose rookie eligibility I need to check.

There is a lot of Grade C here once you get past the obvious names and some may get cut for space. Comments welcome.

Baltimore Orioles 39 players

Xavier Avery OF
Roderick Bernadina OF
Tim Berry LHP
Mike Belfiore LHP
Sander Beck RHP
Torsten Boss OF
Parker Bridwell RHP
Dylan Bundy RHP
Robert Bundy RHP
Zach Davies RHP
Glynn Davis OF
Nick Delmonico 1B-2B
Oliver Drake RHP
Kevin Gausman RHP
Josh Hader LHP
L.J. Hoes OF
Steve Johnson RHP eligible?
Devin Jones RHP
Ty Kelly INF
Branden Kline RHP
Joe Mahoney 1B
Adrian Marin SS
Rafael Moreno RHP
Connor Narron SS
Michael Ohlman C
Eduardo Rodriguez LHP
Lex Rutledge LHP
Jonathan Schoop INF
Clay Schrader RHP
Tyler Townsend 1B
Henry Urrutia OF Cuban
Sebastian Vader RHP
Hector Veloz 3B
Brady Wager RHP
Christian Walker 1B
Brandon Waring 1B
Brenden Webb OF
Tyler Wilson RHP
Mike Wright RHP