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Comments on SBNation iPhone App

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Has anyone downloaded the new SBNation iPhone App? If so, do you have any comments or questions about it?

I don't have an iPhone and don't know anything about how they work, but I know a lot of other people do and I am interested in what people think of this. If you have questions or comments about the product, I will make sure they will get passed on to the development staff.

SBNation is really moving forward with support and development of new information technology. Apps for other technology platforms are in the works, and I'm extremely excited about the direction the network is heading. MinorLeagueball was one of the first blogs on the network, and the way SBNation has expanded and grown over the last five years validates that original decision to come on board. The future is very bright indeed, both for the network as a whole and for MinorLeagueBall itself.