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2011 Community Mock Draft Review: AL East

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Reviewing the Community Mock Draft, we begin with the American League East and the huge bucket of extra picks.

American League East Mock Draft Review

Baltimore Orioles
1-4) Dylan Bundy, RHP, Oklahoma HS
2) Dwight Smith, Jr, OF, Georgia HS
3) Dillon Peters, LHP, Indiana HS
COMMENT: Seems plausible to me. Bundy sounds like it will happen in real life, and he's about as advanced as high school pitcher can be. Smith can just plain hit. Peters is a signability risk with a strong commitment to Texas. This class would not be cheap, but there's lots of upside.

Boston Red Sox
1-19) Alex Meyer, RHP, Kentucky
1-26) Brandon Nimmo, OF, Wyoming HS
1-S36) Austin Hedges, C, California HS
1-S40) Andrew Chafin, LHP, Kent State
2) Williams Jerez, OF, New York HS
3) Nick Ahmed, SS, Connecticut
COMMENT: I would be very happy with this as a Boston fan. Two top college arms, two uber-tools outfielders, a catcher with a great glove, and a solid middle infielder with local ties. It wouldn't be cheap but the Red Sox have the money and this is a nice bundle of diverse talent.

New York Yankees
1-S51) Derek Fisher, OF, Pennsylvania HS
2) Nick Burdi, RHP, Illinois HS
3) Rookie Davis, RHP, North Carolina HS
COMMENT: This looks like something the Yankees would do. Fisher will be expensive but would be worth an overslot deal. Burdi and Davis are upside arms that would need time to develop. The Real Yankees would probably then load up with some polished college arms in later rounds based on their history.

Tampa Bay Rays
1-24) Kolten Wong, 2B, Hawaii
1-31) C.J. Cron, 1B, Utah
1-32) Andrew Susac, C, Oregon State
1-S38) Jackie Bradley Jr., OF, South Carolina
1-S41) Anthony Meo, RHP, Coastal Carolina
1-S42) Michael Kelly, RHP, Florida HS
1-S52) Hudson Boyd, RHP, Florida HS
1-S56) Nick Delmonico, C, Tennessee HS
1-S59) Johnny Eierman, OF-SS, Missouri HS
1-S60) Kyle Winkler, RHP, TCU
2) Dan Vogelbach, 1B, Florida HS
2) Billy Flamion, OF, California HS
3) Josh Tobias, INF, North Carolina HS
COMMENT: What can you say? You have four of the best college hitters available, two impressive high school arms, a high school catcher, a high school infielder, two high school outfielders, a slugging first baseman, and a pair of solid college pitchers. Perhaps another polished college pitcher could have been included, but that's nitpicking, and overall this looks excellent to me, quite balanced.

Toronto Blue Jays
1-21) Robert Stephenson, RHP, California HS
1-S35) Brian Goodwin, OF, Miami Dade CC
1-S46) Matt Dean, 3B, Texas HS
1-S53) Aaron Westlake, 1B, Vanderbilt
1-S57) Michael Fulmer, RHP, Oklahoma HS
2) Julius Gaines, SS, Georgia HS
2) John Stilson, RHP, Texas A&M
3) Patrick Connaughton, RHP, Massachusetts HS
COMMENT: This is also a good use of multiple picks. You have an excellent college hitter in Westlake, a pair of very impressive high school power arm guys, a lesser-known-but-very-talented prep right-hander, a slick infield glove, a third base power bat, and an injury-risk-with-high-upside pitcher. I'm not a huge Dean fan but a lot of people like him. Some gambles here, but lots of potential payoff.