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Three Thoughts for Tuesday Afternoon

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Three Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Afternoon

**Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp....will he be an MVP candidate in September? I've always felt he would win one someday. He's still only 26, he's always had the tools, and the performance this year has been excellent.

**I'm not worried about Seattle Mariners prospect Dustin Ackley. Yet. If he's still hitting like this on July 1st, then yeah, I'll worry. I guess that means I'm pre-worried.

**As a Minnesota Twins fan, I am worried. Nobody except Kubel and Span is hitting. Mauer is out, and there's no ready replacement on the horizon if he can't stick at catcher. I'm glad to see Scott Baker pitching well (I've always liked him), but Liriano's implosion is frightening, I've never believed in Blackburn very much, and there are two guys in the bullpen with ERAs of 10.00. I suppose a bright spot is that we'll get to pick early in the 2012 draft. Maybe there will be a good catcher available next  year.