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Prospect of the Day: Jeremy Hellickson

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Prospect of the Day: Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays
    Named as Tampa's fifth starter, Hellickson had a minor blister problem in spring training but it isn't a major issue going forward. He posted a 2.45 ERA in four spring outings, solidifying his spot on the roster following a 3.47, 33/8 K/BB in 36 debut innings late in '10. He throws strikes with a solid fastball, terrific changeup, and good curve, has great mound presence and feel for his craft. Hellickson faces a tough challenge in the AL East but is as good a bet as any rookie to meet it successfully. Although he doesn't have the super-hot fastball of the classic number one starter, his feel for pitching is so strong that I rated him as the Number One pitching prospect in baseball on my pre-season list. The Rays originally drafted Hellickson in the fourth round of the 2005 draft, out of Hoover High School in Des Moines, Iowa.