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Computer Problems

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Is anyone else having internet problems, specifically with and all other MLB sites?

The last several days, I can't get and most sites to load properly. Loading is VERY slow, lockups and crashes frequent. It is really hard to do my job properly without access to these sites. The problem is happening on all three computers that I have access to. Virus and malware scans are negative. 

Many other websites seem to be working OK, although loading is slow. Facebook works fine, but Youtube doesn't about half the time. works fine, but baseballcube frequently doesn't. MLbtraderumors works fine, baseballprospectus does not. Most Google-related sites are slow as hell. Fangraphs is very slow. Most SBNation sites are OK but some are loading slow, and I've had trouble accessing my own blog at times.

Am I alone in this? Any ideas? It is a serious hamper on my productivity right now. Could it be my internet connection? I guess I should take my laptop somewhere and see if it works better out of the house, although it is hard to work outside the house since all of my books and stuff are here.