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Update and Questions

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Bogged down with a couple of research projects, conducting two interviews, giving another one, sickness, and a computer problem that defied resolution for several hours and is still troublesome. IAs a result, I am even further behind on my writing now. The good news is that there will be a lot of material in the coming days, starting with the Lyles/Gibson Smackdown tomorrow.

Various Quick Random Thoughts:

Apparently (and not surprisingly) Alex Gordon is on the trade block. Perhaps I am just stubborn, but I still think he has it in him to be a very good player, and that getting the heck out of Kansas City increases the chance of that happening.

What am I missing with Kevin Slowey? Why are the Twins thinking about trading him? I know he's got durability issues but I still like the guy. What am I missing here?

To answer a question I've received over email a few times in the last few days, Yes, I am concerned about Domonic Brown's wrist injury impacting his power development, at least in the short run.

With thesethoughts from Rob Neyer and Daniel Moroz in mind, here is a question: are some hitters with poor plate discipline ever HARMED by attempting to improve that discipline? I have a specific failed prospect (not a current one) in mind as I ponder this. More in a few days.