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Schedule and Suggestions

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Here is what is coming up. Assuming the weather cooperates, I am flying to DC tomorrow for business and won't be back until Thursday. Jeri will be here to mind the store, and there may be a few other surprises for you. Once I get back, I have the following things planned:

A final review of the 2010 pre-season Sleeper Alert! list
Some of the 2011 Sleeper Alerts!
Excerpts from the 2011 Baseball Prospect Book
An All-Questions Answered Thread
Some historical pieces, about what I haven't decided yet

What other things would you like to see once I get back?  I am going to be recharging my mental and creative batteries a bit before spring training, but 2011 is going to be a terrific year around here, as we take the blog and the community to a new level.

UPDATE: I updated the Royals list to account for the Greinke Trade. I need to do the Cubs, Rays, and Blue Jays, however I was supposed to take today off, and I have been informed by Jeri that there will be consequences if I don't get some rest. The Jays list is easy and I'll do that now, but the Cubs and Rays are more complicated and will have to wait until later this week.