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The 2011 Top 50/50 List Has Been Sent--from JERI

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Hey, Happy Readers! The top 50/50 list has been sent to all who have ordered the BPB2011 via Paypal as of yesterday, as well as all those who sent an email address with their mail order.

If you didn't receive the list, BEFORE CONTACTING ME there are a few questions to ask yourself:

1) Is it in my spam filter?

2) Is my Paypal email address the one I normally check? Unless there was a note stating differently, the list would have been sent to your paypal email address.

3) Have I changed email addresses, so that the list was likely sent to an obsolete address?

4) Did I actually order the book? If you are not sure, but know that it would have been via Paypal, please log into your Paypal account, click the history tab, and search for any payments made to since September 1, 2010. This will show any payments you made to us during the book ordering season. If nothing shows up, then you know that you just need to order the book and we'll get the list to you. If you did order the book, and the email address is correct, etc etc, just contact me and I'll get a list out.

Once you figure out where the email is, if you can't retrieve it, feel free to contact me at the address and let me know your name, so I can confirm the order and I will get the list sent. Keep in mind, though, that there is no instant reply system, and that it might be the day after an inquiry before I get back to you.

 If you haven't yet ordered the book, WHAT????? Get it ordered! We don't want to run out before you get your copy!

Thanks, and Happy Debating!