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On childcare duty this morning. This afternoon I will have the Braves prospect review list for you. Tomorrow I will hit the Royals, followed by the Mets, then the Mariners. My intention is to get this ramped up to two teams per day so that it doesn't take all month, but I have a few other projects I have to clear off my desk first. We will get another AQA in there sometime soon too.

A couple of other questions.

Bryce Harper is just posturing. I don't take the facebook stuff seriously and expect him to sign two seconds before the deadline.

Quick report on Thomas Diamond, replacing Ted Lilly in the Cubs rotation: throwing 88-92 right now, with an excellent changeup. His breaking ball is better than it used to be, but is still weaker than the fastball and changeup. I can see him being a solid fourth starter if he throws enough strikes.