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I pick for the Shadow Twins at 21. Like the real Twins, I am leaning to pitching, and like the real Twins I want someone like Alex Wimmers. If he's there and they pick him, I will stick with that choice.

If Wimmers is not there, I'm not sure what direction I will go. I really love Eibner, but I don't know if the real Twins do as much as I do. I like Seth Blair a lot but that might be a slight overdraft. I am not enamored of the high school or college hitters likely available in that slot, and I won't touch Ranaudo even with the Kyle Gibson precedent. At least one of the high school upside arms will be there. I'd nab Whitson if he fell that far. If Wimmers isn't there and it came down to A.J. Cole, Eibner, or whoever the Twins pick in real life, it would be a tough call.

Leaving what the real Twins might do out of it, let's say Wimmers is gone, and I boil it down to Cole, Eibner, Loux, or Wojechowski? Who would you pick of that quartet?