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Arizona Diamondbacks Preliminary Prospect List

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Here is a look at the current version of the Arizona Diamondbacks preliminary prospect list. 41 here; i'd like to cut that back by 2 or 3, but feel free to make other suggestions.


Arizona Diamondbacks Preliminary Prospect List

Scotty Allen    RHP
Chase Anderson   RHP
Yazy Arbelo   1B
Michael Belfiore   LHP
Bobby Borchering    3B
J.R. Bradley    RHP
Charlie Brewer   RHP
Keon Broxton   Of
Josh Collmenter   RHP
Blake Cooper   RHP
Colin Cowgill   OF
Pat Corbin   LHP
Matt Davidson   3B
Eury De La Rosa   LHP
Paul Goldschmidt   1B
Tyler Green    RHP
Adam Eaton   OF
Kevin Eichhorn     RHP
Mike Freeman     SS
David Holmberg   LHP
Mark Krauss    OF
Tyler Linton    OF
Wagner Mateo   OF
Wade Miley    LHP
Kevin Munson    RHP
Kyler Newby   RHP
David Nick   2B
Chris Owings   SS
Jarrod Parker   RHP
A.J. Pollock  OF
Wes Roemer   RHP
Robbie Rowland   RHP
Patrick Shuster  LHP
Jeff Shields   RHP
Tyler Skaggs    LHP
Eric Smith    RHP
Matt Torra   RHP
Cesar Valdez    RHP
Zach Walters   SS
Ryan Wheeler   3B
Brad Woodall   RHP