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Working on the Orioles

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Now working on the Baltimore Orioles for the book. Preliminary Prospect list after the jump.

Here is what I have so far. There are 40 guys here but several marginals who could be cut. What sleepers am I missing?


Matt Angle         OF

Jake Arrieta       RHP

Xavier Avery       OF

David Baker        RHP

Pedro Beato        RHP

Josh Bell          3B

Ryan Berry         RHP

Zach Britton       LHP

Bobby Bundy        RHP

Cameron Coffey     RHP

Jacob Cowan        RHP

Oliver Drake       RHP

Pat Egan           RHP

Brandon Erbe       RHP

Paco Figueroa      2B

Pedro Florimon JR  SS

Eddie Gamboa       RHP

Mychal Givens      SS

Randy Henry        RHP

Tyler Henson       3B

Matt Hobgood       RHP

L.J. Hoes          2B

Rhyne Hughes       1B

Steve Johnson      RHP

Caleb Joseph       C

Luis Lebron        RHP

Brian Matusz       LHP

Cole McCurry       LHP

Kam Mickolio       RHP

Michael Ohlman     C

Troy Patton        LHP

Josh Perrault      RHP

Bill Rowell        3B

Brandon Snyder     1B

Ashur Tolliver     LHP

Tyler Townsend     1B

Justin Turner      2B

Brandon Waring     1B-3B

Aaron Wirsch       LHP

Rick Zagone        LHP