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Notes from John

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John sends me the following notes.

A) I am cutting Justin Upton and Adam Jones from the book for space reasons since they have already broken through 130 at-bats. Upton would rate a pure Grade A and be the best prospect in baseball if he qualified. Jones got a B+ on the first run through, but I agree that A- would be a better grade after looking at it again, although at the back-end of the A- range. I have some questions about Jones' bat in the short run.

B) I still inclined to leave Jed Lowrie at Grade A-. He might be a top-end B+ once I gets the Top 50/50 list together, but maybe not. I really love Lowrie and am being stubborn about it.

C) All American League teams are done. I am currently working on the Colorado Rockies, with Arizona after that, and then the rough draft will be done. I will then tighten up the grades and have the 50/50 list done once that is complete.