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Thoughts on Brandon Jones

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Here is what I wrote in the book about Brandon Jones.

Jones had the breakthrough season, hitting .293/.368/.507 in 94 games for Double-A Mississippi, then .300/.363/.453 in 44 games for Triple-A Richmond. His combined numbers were .295/.367/.490, 33 doubles, 19 homers, 100 RBI, 61 walks, 17 steals, 120 strikeouts in 535 at-bats.

Jones is heading to the Arizona Fall League, and a good performance there would cap off the season quite nicely. I'm not exactly sure how he fits into Atlanta's plans, but I'm impressed with the progress he has made. The strikeout rate is still a bit higher than ideal, but he kept it to less than one per game in Triple-A. Batting average and OBP may be a problem during an initial major league adjustment phase, which is why I think another 50-100 games of Triple-A would be a good idea, to put the finishing touches on.

Grade-wise, right now I'd say he's on the border between Grade B and B+. What do you guys think?