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He is watching you..

I am very busy right now, with business and family matters. I don't have time to ride herd on every thread. I don't have time to make sure that people are treating each other properly. 99% of the time this is not a problem. But lately we have had some behavior problems in various threads. So I am calling in some outside help, someone authoritative who can keep track of things when I am busy.

Take it away, Nappy.

(translation from French)

Hello, United States fans of a sport called Base Ball. I know nothing of this sport. I do not know what the "internet" is. I am unfamiliar with a "flame war," although it sounds like something I could have deployed against Wellington at Waterloo. I do understand discipline however. It has been made apparent to me, that some of you have conducted yourselves in a less than appropriate manner lately. This is detrimental to the esprit de corps of the "Minor League Ball" community. Insults are to be avoided. Sock puppets (whatever that means) are against the rules and will be investigated by the Inspectorate of Membership Integrity, operated by my assistant M. Talleyrand. This is a friendly site with a robust and lively community. Debate is expected and encouraged. Insults are not. To this point, Monseur Sickels has been rather lenient but if people remain ill-behaved this will change. To be clear, this applies to a very small minority of posters. But be aware that Active Measures will be taken if necessary, in order to ensure that this website remains a FUN place to exhange ideas and information, not a battleground. Signed Napoelon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French and Enforcer of Good Behavior for