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Bullet Points

*Most people were against the idea of expanding the grades in the book, so I will drop the concept. It was just something I was thinking about as a way to add another layer of precision, but I do think it probably just adds more confusion than anything. However I MIGHT make a few exceptions, in the case of a prospect who is extremely borderline, say someone right on the Grade C+/B- cusp. I can see that being something useful.

*I would be interested in opinions about Rangers manager Ron Washington. I first thought of Washington as a possible manager way back in 1984, when he was a utility infielder for the Minnesota Twins. I remember Kirby Puckett coming up as a rookie and saying that Washington taught him a huge amount about how to conduct himself in the majors, and that Washington gave him a lot of advice about nuances of the game that he later used to great effect. "Sounds like a future manager" I thought to myself. What do Rangers fans and other observers think of Washington's managerial skills?