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Giving a new feature a try: Bullet Points. This is an experimental feature intended to stimulate discussion. These are basically opinions I have expressed in a brief bullet-point format.

*I think the Padres farm system is underrated.
*Daric Barton's incredible June was a small-sample BABIP fluke.
*Rick Ankiel is like something out of a novel. If you pitched this story to a Hollywood studio or major publishing house, it would be rejected as unrealistic and/or a derivative copy of someone else's work.
*I would like to have dinner with Vladimir Putin, followed by some conversation and vodka. He's about the best example you can find of the urbane, sophisticated, intellectual, intelligent, amoral Chekist murdering thug that you can find nowadays. It would be interesting to have an honest conversation with him, find out his opinions on Stalin, Lenin, Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible. I suspect that Putin seems himself as following up in their footsteps.